Following are all the Abba, Agnetha Fältskog, Frida and related charts for Australia. They are courtesy of Australian Music Report (formerly Kent Music Report), from their Australian National Top 100 Singles, Australian National Top 100 Albums, and the Australian National Top 20 Music Video charts. Australian Music Report ceased producing charts with the final chart for 1999.

All charts from 1994 onwards are courtesy of ARIA, with the exception of the "Thank You For The Music" box set and the "Thank You Abba" music video - these being courtesy of the aforementioned Australian Music Report. ARIA collated charts from 1983 onwards, and were considered more accurate from February 1997, when the data collection became totally electronic. The Abba Gold positions are from ARIA throughout, as this item only peaked at number 2 on the Australian Music Report chart, and as ARIA was considered the "official" chart at that time.

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single or album first appeared in the chart. Items with "n/a" in the date column did not chart, but are inserted in roughly around their time of release.
Title: The title of the single or album. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if it was a number 1, the weeks spent at that position.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.
Catalogue: The number assigned to a particular item to identify it from others. In this case, the majority of numbers are from RCA, the Australian company that had all of Polar's releases through to about 1990. Please note: The second catalogue number for Ring Ring (1975 release, 1976 chart entry) is for the cassette. All ABBA releases had a cassette, however this one is noted as the catalogue number varies considerably from the LP number. The LP number is a slight variation on the original (and very rare) 1973 Australian issue of the Ring Ring album which had the same cover as Sweden (brown cover).


Australian Singles
12/11/1973 Ring Ring9202RCA 102357
10/06/1974Waterloo0422RCA 102436
04/11/1974Honey, Honey3019RCA 102514
13/01/1975Ring Ring (Re-release)9003RCA 102496
n/aSo Long----RCA 102560
14/04/1975I've Been Waiting For You4910RCA 102561
07/07/1975I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do01 (03)34RCA 102607
22/09/1975Mamma Mia01 (10)39RCA 102671
10/11/1975SOS01 (01)29RCA 102690
19/01/1976Ring Ring (Re-entry)0723RCA 102496
15/03/1976Fernando01 (14)40RCA 102746
22/03/1976Waterloo (EP)6005RCA 20605
12/04/1976Rock Me0426RCA 102607
10/05/1976Hasta Mañana1618RCA 102560
16/08/1976Dancing Queen01 (08)25RCA 102814
01/11/1976Money, Money, Money01 (06)18RCA 102835
07/03/1977Knowing Me, Knowing You/Happy Hawaii0915RCA 102870
14/03/1977King Kong Song/I've Been Waiting For You9403RCA 102561
07/11/1977The Name Of The Game0619RCA 103006
30/01/1978Take A Chance On Me1214RCA 103050
05/06/1978Eagle/Thank You For The Music8206RCA 103130
16/10/1978Summer Night City1315RCA 103202
19/02/1979Chiquitita0419RCA 103297
04/06/1979Does Your Mother Know0716RCA 103350
n/aChiquitita (Spanish Version)----RCA 103359
27/08/1979Voulez-Vous7910RCA 103414
12/11/1979Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!0818RCA 103452
03/03/1980I Have A Dream6413RCA 103511
18/08/1980The Winner Takes It All0723RCA 103645
15/12/1980On And On And On0914RCA 103719
30/03/1981Super Trouper7705RCA 103747
11/01/1982One Of Us4813RCA 103930
26/04/1982When All Is Said And Done8103RCA 103955
15/11/1982The Day Before You Came4809RCA 104057
14/02/1983Under Attack9602RCA 104088
26/10/1992Dancing Queen2809Polygram 863734-2
14/07/2008Mamma Mia4805Universal
21/07/2008Dancing Queen5805Universal
21/07/2008Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!6401Universal
13/09/2021I Still Have Faith In You3901+Universal
13/09/2021Don't Shut Me Down2701+Universal

Australian Albums
n/aRing Ring----RCA MSL-102323
01/07/1974Waterloo6708RCA VPL1-4003
08/09/1975Abba01 (11)65RCA VPL1-4013
08/12/1975Waterloo (Re-entry)1834RCA VPL1-4003
22/12/1975The Best Of Abba01 (16)70RCA VPL1-4020
19/01/1976Ring Ring (Re-release)1031RCA SL-102323 & VPK1-4022
22/11/1976Arrival01 (08)35RCA VPL1-4034
23/01/1978Abba - The Album0420RCA VPL1-4060
21/05/1979Voulez-Vous0526RCA VPL1-4135
n/aVoulez-Vous (Radio Station Promo with Interviews)----RCA PROMO 48
12/11/1979Greatest Hits Vol.22020RCA VPL1-4197
01/12/1980Super Trouper0524RCA VPL1-6542
28/12/1981The Visitors2212RCA VPL1-6607
05/04/1982The Magic Of Abba4215K-Tel NA595
n/aGracias Por La Musica----RCA VPL1-6613
20/12/1982Abba - The Singles: The First Ten Years1830RCA VPL2-6648
15/10/1984Hits, Hits, Hits4907J&B JB192
n/aAbba Live----RCA VPL1-6725
n/aThe Collection----Castle CCSLP 176
n/aThe Songbook----Polygram 847365-2
02/11/1992Abba Gold0126Polygram 517275-2
02/08/1993More Abba Gold6508Polygram 519353-2
17/10/1994Abba Gold0368Polygram 517275-2
28/11/1994Thank You For The Music7602Polygram 523472-2
12/04/1999Abba Gold0255Polygram 517275-2
13/09/1999More Abba Gold (Re-release)8013Polygram 547922-2
08/05/2000Complete Gold Collection0629Universal 543710-2
16/09/2002The Definitive Collection1067Universal 589793-2
07/06/2004The Abba Story9602Universal
04/10/2004The Definitive Collection2920Universal 589793-2
21/11/200518 Hits4103Universal 589793-2
02/01/2006Universal Masters9201Universal
23/01/2006The Definitive Collection9801Universal 589793-2
12/06/200618 Hits3219Universal 589793-2
02/11/2006Number Ones6812Universal
09/06/200818 Hits3610Universal 589793-2
14/07/2008Number Ones3606Universal
21/07/2008Abba Gold0448Universal 517275-2
21/07/2008More Abba Gold3806Universal 519353-2
28/07/2008The Definitive Collection3811Universal 589793-2
09/02/200918 Hits6111Universal 589793-2
15/08/2009Classic Abba6501Universal
09/11/200918 Hits3726Universal 589793-2
13/03/2011Abba Gold7304Universal 517275-2
13/05/201318 Hits4115Universal 589793-2
13/05/2013Abba Gold4509Universal 517275-2
14/10/2013Abba Gold1101+Universal 517275-2
14/04/2014Abba Gold (Anniversary Edition)0909Universal 3774013
15/11/2021Voyage01 (01)10Universal

Australian Videos & DVDs
05/10/19901977-1987 10th Anniversary0702Roadshow ROA 4157
02/11/1992Abba Gold01130?Polygram 085548-3
10/05/1993Live In Concert 19790116Polygram VVD-1130
28/06/1993A Music Biography 1974-19821310Polygram VIR-1942
02/08/1993More Abba Gold0321Polygram 087380-3
21/11/1994Thank You Abba0112Polygram 632382-3
08/07/2002The Winner Takes It All1007Universal 060998-9
16/09/2002The Definitive Collection01 (03)175+Universal 017445-9
07/06/2004In Concert0209Universal
07/10/2005Abba - The Movie1106Universal
20/11/2006Number Ones2325+Universal
22/01/200716 Hits3402Universal

Agnetha Fältskog:

Australian Singles
n/aNever Again----RCA 104074
19/09/1983Can't Shake Loose7604RCA 104163
n/aWrap Your Arms Around Me----RCA 104166
n/aThe Heat Is On----RCA 104145
n/aI Won't Let You Go----RCA 104418
n/aThe Way You Are----Festival K203
n/aThe Last Time----WEA 7248136
n/aI Wasn't The One----WEA 7240846
13/05/2013When You Really Loved Someone9001Universal

Australian Albums
19/09/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me4904RCA VPL1-6662
n/aEyes Of A Woman----RCA VPL1-0519
13/06/1988I Stand Alone9601WEA 242231-1
31/05/2004My Colouring Book5002WEA 467312-2
20/05/2013A0315Universal 3732184


Australian Singles
20/09/1982I Know There's Something Going On0516RCA 104032
n/aTo Turn The Stone----RCA 104061
n/aHere We'll Stay----RCA 104122
n/aTime----RCA 104217
n/aShine----RCA 104344 / TDS-236

Australian Albums
11/10/1982Something's Going On4011RCA VPL1-6635
n/aShine----RCA VPL1-6696

Benny Andersson:

Australian Albums
08/10/2017Piano1802+Deutsche Grammophon

Australian Classical/Crossover Albums
08/10/2017Piano01 (01)02+Deutsche Grammophon

Australian Digital Albums
08/10/2017Piano1401Deutsche Grammophon


Australian Singles and Album
n/aNobody's Side----RCA 104357
21/01/1985One Night In Bangkok01 (01)22RCA 104358 / TDS-253
04/03/1985Chess3527RCA SFL2-0118
11/03/1985I Know Him So Well2126RCA 104383
n/aThe Arbiter----RCA 104420 / TDS 268
n/aHeaven Help My Heart----RCA 104451 / TDS-285


Australian Singles and Albums
15/12/1975Bang-A-BoomerangSvenne & Charlotte9401RCA 102693
29/03/1976MoviestarHarpo0334EMI 11012
27/09/1976Salute to AbbaNorman Gunston0917Lamington LAM 021
24/09/1979The Music For UNICEF ConcertVarious Artists7408Polydor 2335 214
08/02/2000Mamma MiaA*Teens9703?n/a
14/07/2008Mamma MiaMovie Soundtrack01 (05)35Universal
21/07/2008Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!Mamma Mia! Cast7001?Universal
28/07/2008Honey, HoneyMamma Mia! Cast5001?Universal
04/08/2008Lay All Your Love On MeMamma Mia! Cast8501?Universal

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