Following are all the Abba, Frida and Agnetha Fältskog singles and albums charts for Austria. This information was provided to me by Rob and Colin Hughes and comes from Der Musikmarkt. The charts were a monthly Top 20 from Jan 1973 to Jan 1977, then a monthly Top 25. From January 1980, it was reduced to Top 20 with 5 "breakers" and ran bi-weekly from then onwards.

Updates courtesy of Dean Scapolo, Harry Ehler, Colin Hughes, Lutz Hartmann and Tino Bensen with current chart information available at the searchable Austrian Charts site.

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single or album first appeared in the chart / or when it reached number 1.
Title: The title of the single or album. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if it was a number 1 single or album, the amount of weeks spent at the top spot. BB stands for Bubbling Under.
TI: The amount of weeks spent in the chart. 4 weeks is equivilent to one month in the monthly charts, and 2 weeks for each bi-weekly chart. It is put this way for continuity with the other charts.
Catalogue: The record company catalogue number for the particular album or single in this territory.


Austrian singles
15/07/73Ring Ring0216Polydor 2041 422
15/03/74Nina, Pretty Ballerina0812Polydor 2040 111
15/05/74Waterloo0220Polydor 2040 114
15/09/74Honey Honey0408Polydor 2040 120
15/01/75So Long0308Polydor 2040 131
15/05/75I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do0412Polydor 2001 579
15/09/75SOS0224Polydor 2001 585
15/01/76Mamma Mia0316Polydor 2001 613
15/04/76Fernando01 (08)24Polydor 2001 639
15/09/76Dancing Queen0420Polydor 2001 680
15/12/76Money Money Money0316Polydor 2001 696
15/03/77Knowing Me, Knowing You0220Polydor 2001 703
15/12/77The Name Of The Game1212Polydor 2001 742
15/03/78Take A Chance On Me01 (04)20Polydor 2001 758
15/07/78Eagle1712Polydor 2001 778
15/09/78Summer Night City1804Polydor 2001 810
15/03/79Chiquitita0616Polydor 2001 850
15/06/79Does Your Mother Know1312Polydor 2001 881
15/12/79Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!0214Polydor 2001 919
15/01/80I Have A Dream01 (02)22Polydor 2001 931
01/09/80The Winner Takes It All0318Polydor 2001 981
15/12/80Super Trouper0320Polydor 2002 012
15/01/82One Of Us0312Polydor 2002 113
15/04/82Head Over Heels0802Polydor 2002 122
15/12/82The Day Before You Came1606Polydor 2002 187
01/03/83Under AttackBB--Polydor 2002 204
17/09/21I Still Have Faith In You1901Universal
17/09/21Don't Shut Me Down1402+Universal

Austrian albums
15/04/76The Best of Abba01 (08)52Polydor
15/10/77The Very Best of Abba1904Polydor
15/02/78Abba - The Album0240Polydor
15/12/79Greatest Hits Vol.20234Polydor
01/12/80Super Trouper0334Polydor
01/06/81A Wie Abba01 (08)24Polydor
01/01/82The Visitors0318Polydor
01/12/83I Love Abba0504Polydor
18/10/92Abba Gold01 (06)65PolyGram
20/06/93More Abba Gold0716PolyGram
22/11/98Love Stories1416PolyGram
13/12/99The Complete Singles Collection1118PolyGram
18/11/01The Definitive Collection3816Universal
02/05/04The Abba Story2106Universal
11/11/05Abba Gold1724Universal
03/12/06Number Ones2214Universal
01/08/08Abba Gold0939Universal
06/01/12Abba Gold1931Universal
13/06/12The Essential Collection4702Universal
18/04/14Abba Gold (40th Anniversary Edition)0216+Universal
10/10/14Live At Wembley Arena0903Universal
19/11/21Voyage01 (05)09+Universal

Austrian DVD
09/05/04In Concert0204+Universal


Austrian Singles
15/08/82I Know There's Something Going On0308Polydor 2002 170

Austrian Albums
15/10/82Something's Going On1002Polydor

Agnetha Fältskog:

Austrian Singles
15/08/83Wrap Your Arms Around Me2002Polydor 813959-7

Austrian Albums
09/05/04My Colouring Book2503WEA


Austrian Singles
01/02/85One Night In Bangkok0212Polydor 813192-7

Austrian Albums


Austrian Singles and Albums
01/09/81Stars on 45 Vol. 2Stars on 450412
05/07/92Abba-Esque (EP)Erasure0122
12/05/06Lay All Your Love On MeSylver3210
??/08/08Mamma Mia!Movie Soundtrack01 (05)73
18/04/14Mamma Mia!Movie Soundtrack4602+

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