Following are all the Abba, Agnetha Fältskog, Frida and related singles and albums for Ireland. These are from the Official Top 30 singles chart, with current information coming from the IRMA web site. For an excellent searchable archive, go to The Irish Charts - recommended. Before the introduction of over-the-counter sales tracking, the Irish Charts were compiled from record company ship-out statistics. In other words, the charts were based on the supply to retail rather than the sale to the consumer. This was the case through to 1992.

Ireland had no official albums chart until after Abba's time. During I Have A Dream's chart run, industrial action meant there were no charts for a number of months; they returned again when The Winner Takes It All was charting.

Thanks to Carl Magnus Palm, Martin O'Riordan, Jack McCarthy, Dean Scapolo, Tino Bensen, Seamus Kennedy and Colin Hughes. Special thanks to Vaughan Davies for the weeks at number 1 information, from his "Abba Channel Islands Newsletter", January 1980 issue.

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single first appeared in the chart.
Title: The title of the single. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if a number 1, how many weeks spent at that position.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.
Catalogue: The catalogue number assigned by the local record company for the single.


Ireland Singles
25/04/74Waterloo01 (02)09Epic EPC 2240
n/aRing Ring----Epic EPC 2452
n/aSo Long----Epic EPC ????
n/aI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do----Epic EPC 3229
22/10/75SOS0408Epic EPC 3576
15/01/76Mamma Mia01 (05)09Epic EPC 3790
01/04/76Fernando01 (06)13Epic EPC 4036
27/08/76Dancing Queen01 (06)18Epic EPC 4499
26/11/76Money, Money, Money0211Epic EPC 4713
17/03/77Knowing Me, Knowing You01 (05)10Epic EPC 4955
26/10/77The Name Of The Game0210Epic EPC 5750
19/01/78Take A Chance On Me01 (01)10Epic EPC 5950
22/09/78Summer Night City01 (01)05Epic EPC 6595
01/02/79Chiquitita01 (03)08Epic EPC 7030
03/05/79Does Your Mother Know0309Epic EPC 7316
15/07/79Voulez-Vous/Angeleyes0310Epic EPC 7499
21/10/79Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!01 (02)06Epic EPC 7914
09/12/79I Have A Dream0210Epic EPC 8088
16/08/80The Winner Takes It All01 (02)07Epic EPC 8835
09/11/80Super Trouper01 (03)12Epic EPC 9089
19/07/81Lay All Your Love On Me0803Epic A 1456
06/12/81One Of Us01 (04)10Epic EPC A 1740
14/02/82Head Over Heels1404Epic EPC A 2037
10/10/82The Day Before You Came1204Epic EPC A 2847
16/12/82Under Attack1106Epic EPC A 2971
06/11/83Thank You For The Music1704CBS A 3894
31/08/92Dancing Queen0905Polygram PZCD 231
10/09/21I Still Have Faith In You1801Universal
10/09/21Don't Shut Me Down1203Universal

Ireland Albums
??/??/99Abba Gold01 (04)679+PolyGram 517007-2
01/11/01The Definitive Collection3302Universal
08/07/04The Name of the Game5901Universal
09/11/06Number Ones6011Universal
12/11/21Voyage01 (01)11+Universal

Ireland DVD
30/09/04Super Troupers0701Universal
??/08/08Abba Gold0701+Universal

Agnetha Fältskog:

Ireland Singles
05/06/83The Heat Is On2801Epic
14/08/83Wrap Your Arms Around Me1502Epic
17/06/04When You Walk In The Room5001WEA

Ireland Albums
22/04/04My Colouring Book5701WEA 5050467-3122-2


Ireland Single
22/08/82I Know There's Something Going On2303Epic


Ireland Singles
25/11/84One Night In Bangkok0708RCA
20/01/85I Know Him So Well0110RCA


Ireland Singles
09/05/74Ring RingThe Others1202EMI
29/08/74Honey HoneySweet Dreams1402Bradley
01/09/77I've Been Waiting For YouGina, Dale Haze and the Champions0809Release
12/07/81Stars on 45 Vol. 2Stars on 450307
11/03/84The Way Old Friends DoPhilomena Begley1312Ritz
29/07/84The Day Before You CameBlancmange2502London
27/04/89Bring Me EdelweissEdelweiss0507WEA
04/06/92Abba-Esque (EP)Erasure0115
03/09/92Dancing QueenAbbacadabra2901
01/04/99Thank Abba For The MusicVarious0514Epic
16/12/99I Have A DreamWestlife0112

Ireland Album
19/09/04Mamma Mia!Cast Recording2912EMI
10/07/08Mamma Mia!Movie Soundtrack01 (02)05+Universal
17/07/08Mamma Mia!Cast Recording2104+EMI

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