Following are the Abba charts for Mexico. They are courtesy of Gustavo Ruiz Moran, who was the President of the Abba fan club in Mexico. In Mexico, charts are divided into two portions - the Spanish, and the English (foreign music). It is exceptionally difficult for an overseas artist to make the Spanish chart, and Abba did it more than once - surprising since the Spanish portion is dominated by artists from Mexico, Argentina and Spain in that order. Apparently Abba hold a record for foreign artists in Mexico, with over 6 million singles sold. Gustavo blames some of the failures of Abba singles on RCA, due to releases being either too far apart, or too close together. One again, a big thank you to Gustavo! Thanks is also due to Marco for putting Gustavo in touch with me regarding the charts!

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the month and year the single or album was released. Chart entry is usually within two to five weeks of this date.
Title: The title of the single or album. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if it was a number one single, how many weeks spent at number 1.


Mexican Singles - Spanish Charts
Date Title HP(1)
05/79 Chiquitita (Spanish Version) 01 (30)
10/79 Estoy Soñando 03
05/80 Gracias Por La Musica 15

Mexican Singles - English Charts
Date Title HP(1)
??/74 Waterloo --
04/75 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do --
10/75 SOS 01 (01)
05/76 Fernando 01 (05)
10/76 Dancing Queen 01 (06)
01/77 Money, Money, Money 01 (03)
05/77 Knowing Me, Knowing You 01 (04)
01/78 The Name Of The Game 10
05/78 Take A Chance On Me 01 (06)
10/78 Summer Night City 10
04/79 Chiquitita 01 (32)
08/79 Does Your Mother Know 17
10/79 As Good As New 01 (02)
08/80 The Winner Takes It All 05
02/81 Super Trouper 03
02/82 Head Over Heels 45
05/82 When All Is Said And Done 29
01/83 The Day Before You Came 19
05/83 Under Attack --

Mexican Albums - Spanish Charts
Date Title HP(1)
06/80 Gracias Por La Musica 30
09/81 Aniversario los 10 años de Abba 01 (05)
03/92 Abba Oro 08
04/93 Mas Abba Oro --

Mexican Albums - English Charts
Date Title HP(1)
??/76 Abba --
08/76 Greatest Hits --
01/77 Arrival 01 (10)
04/78 Abba - The Album 01 (08)
07/79 Voulez-Vous 01 (20)
12/79 Greatest Hits Vol.2 --
03/81 Super Trouper 01 (01)
01/82 The Visitors 38
05/83 Abba - The Singles: The First Ten Years --
03/92 Abba Gold 01 (04)
03/93 More Abba Gold 20


  1. Does Your Mother Know reached the Top 5 before it's release because you could buy the US import. When it was released in Mexico, it was leaving the charts, therefore "peaking" at number 17.
  2. Head Over Heels reached number 45 for a week - just missing the Top 40.
  3. The Day Before You Came peaked at 19 and stayed in the charts just 2 months. In Guadalajara, the 2nd largest city of Mexico, it reached the top 3.
  4. More Abba Gold and Mas Abba Oro were imports from the USA only.

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