Following are all the Abba charts for Portugal. This information comes from the blog 'Top Disco - Vendas De Discos Em Portugal", which can be found here. Some of the information was collated in collaboration with the UKMIX forum. Additional information from the 'Viva os 80' blog and Billboard Magazine. All of this information was sent to be by Michael Da Rocha. The ABBA Gold position information was sent by John Boylan.

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the year the single or album first appeared in the chart.
Title: The title of the single or album.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the weekly charts and the amount of weeks at number one where known.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.
Catalogue: The record label for the item in Portugal.


Portuguese Singles
1974So Long????Polydor
1975I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do????Polydor
1976Mamma Mia????Polydor
1976Dancing Queen01??Polydor
1977Money Money Money03??Polydor
1977Knowing Me, Knowing You????Polydor
1977The Name of the Game????Polydor
1978Take a Chance On Me????Polydor
1978Summer Night City????Polydor
1979Chiquitita01 (01)??Polydor
1979Does Your Mother Know / Voulez-Vous????Polydor
1979Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!06??Polydor
1980I Have A Dream07??Polydor
1980The Winner Takes It All02??Polydor
1980Super Trouper01??Polydor
1981Happy New Year????Polydor
1982One Of Us06??Polydor
1982Head Over Heels????Polydor
1982The Day Before You Came13??Polydor
1982Under Attack????Polydor

Portuguese Albums
1976Fernando (Greatest Hits)????Polydor
1978Abba - The Album01??Polydor
1979Voulez-Vous01 (01)??Polydor
1979Greatest Hits????Polydor
1979Greatest Hits Vol.2????Polydor
1980Super Trouper01 (09)??Polydor
1981The Visitors01 (09)??Polydor
1982Abba - The Singles01 (03)??Polydor
wk 38/2008ABBA Gold0236Universal
wk 45/2021Voyage01 (02)09+Universal

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