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Following are all the Abba, Agnetha Fältskog, Frida and related charts for South Africa. The charts are the "official" South African Top 20 charts as broadcast on Springbok Radio. I have been advised it was a sales based chart and recognised as the official chart, but this site says,

"Based on the Springbok Radio playlists for the period 1969-1989 when the chart ceased to be compiled. It should be noted that Springbok Radio was viewed as a "White" radio station and therefore probably does not take into account many "non-White" local artists who may have been popular in South African townships during Apartheid. The chart is not based on sales but on the airplay of one, albeit, very popular radio station."

The Frida, Agnetha and Chess charts are courtesy of Mike Scurr in Cape Town. ABBA singles from the Springbok Top 20, from the South Africa's Rock Lists website. The address was sent to me by Horst. ABBA albums discography and non-charting singles details provided by Patrick Buys in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Most welcome indeed! Chart positions to The Visitors, and ABBA - The Singles (as well as other corrections) provided by Chris Kimberley in Zimbabwe. Thanks to Charles Patrick for the Summer Night City single catalogue details and Justin Bindley for the chart position. Weeks at number one were provided by Paul Warren.

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single or album first appeared in the chart. Items with "n/a" in the date column did not chart, but are inserted in roughly around their time of release.
Title: The title of the single or album. In South Africa's case, due to the different nature of the singles, I have put both sides in. The first song listed is the single and there were no double A sides.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if a number one, the amount of weeks at the top position.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.
Catalogue: The number assigned to a particular item by the record company to identify it from others.


South African Singles
n/aPeople Need Love / Merry-Go-Round----Sunshine SUN 1
28/12/73Ring Ring / I Am Just A Girl0315Sunshine SUN 3
n/aAnother Town, Another Train / Rock 'N Roll Band----Sunshine SUN 4
31/05/74Waterloo / King Kong Song01 (02)16Sunshine SUN 6
08/11/74Hasta Mañana / Watch Out0215Sunshine SUN 8 / Sunshine GBS 101
09/05/75I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do / Rock Me01 (02)13Sunshine GBS 105
12/09/75SOS / Man In The Middle01 (04)13Sunshine GBS 106
n/aBang-A-Boomerang / Intermezzo No.1----Sunshine GBS 110
12/03/76Mamma Mia / Hey Hey Helen0509Sunshine GBS 112
11/06/76Fernando / Tropical Loveland01 (06)16Sunshine GBS 114
29/10/76Dancing Queen / That's Me01 (02)17Sunshine GBS 117
n/aMoney, Money, Money / Crazy World----Sunshine GBS 119
20/05/77Knowing Me, Knowing You / Happy Hawaii01 (02)14Sunshine GBS 121
16/12/77The Name Of The Game / I Wonder (Live)0313Sunshine GBS 125
21/04/78Take A Chance On Me / I'm A Marionette0610Sunshine GBS 128
11/08/78Thank You For The Music / Eagle0214Sunshine GBS 130
??/??/78Summer Night City / Medley21??Sunshine GBS 131
06/04/79Chiquitita / Lovelight01 (01)18Sunshine GBS 133
03/08/79Does Your Mother Know / Kisses Of Fire1207Sunshine GBS 134
n/aChiquitita (Spanish Version) / Lovelight----Sunshine GBS 135
26/10/79I Have A Dream / Angeleyes0315Sunshine GBS 137
02/02/80Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! / The King Has Lost His Crown1604Sunshine GBS 139
20/09/80The Winner Takes It All / Elaine01 (02)16Sunshine GBS 141
n/aAndante Andante / The Piper----Sunshine GBS 143
23/01/82One Of Us / Should I Laugh Or Cry0413Sunshine GBS 147
n/aHead Over Heels / The Visitors----Sunshine GBS 148
n/aThe Day Before You Came / Cassandra----Sunshine GBS 150
n/aThe Day Before You Came / Cassandra----Sunshine 12-GBS 150 (promo only)
n/aUnder Attack / You Owe Me One----Sunshine PS 30 (promo only)

South African Albums
1973Ring Ring----Sunshine SLP1
1974Waterloo----Sunshine GBL 501
1975I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do----Sunshine GBL 503
1976Greatest Hits----Sunshine GBL 505
1976Arrival----Sunshine GBL 506
1978The Album----Sunshine GBL 509
1979Voulez-Vous----Sunshine GBL 510
1979Greatest Hits Vol. 2----Sunshine GBL 512
1980Gracias Por La Musica----CEY 252
1980Super Trouper----Sunshine GBL 513
09/01/1982The Visitors0318Sunshine GBL 515
04/12/1982ABBA - The Singles0118Sunshine GBLD 517
n/aThe Love Songs (no relation to UK title)----Sunshine GBL 520
n/aUnforgettable ABBA----UFOD 2
n/aLegends----LNGDS 4051580
n/aRevival----REV 4051581
1991Gonna Sing You My Lovesong----Sony / CBS ABCOL 102
1991ABBA - The Singles----Sony / CBS ABBA 101

Agnetha Fältskog:

South African Singles
DateTitleHP (WK)TICatalogue
n/aNever Again / Just For The Fun----Sunshine GBS 151
n/aThe Heat Is On / Man----Sunshine GBS 153
n/aThe Heat Is On (Extended Remix) / Man----Sunshine 12 GBS (C) 154
11/83Wrap Your Arms Around Me / Take Good Care Of Your Children02 (03)16Sunshine GBS 156
n/aMan / Stay----Sunshine GBS 159
n/aI Won't Let You Go / You're There----Sunshing GBS 167
n/aClick Track / We Move As One----Sunshine GBS 168

South African Albums
01/84Wrap Your Arms Around Me15 (02)04Sunshine GBL (D) 518
07/85Eyes Of A Woman16 (01)02Sunshine GBL (D) 526
n/aI Stand Alone----WEA / TUSK WIC 5100


South African Singles
DateTitleHP (WK)TICatalogue
10/82I Know There's Something Going On / Threnody05 (01)14Sunshine GBS 149
n/aI See Red / I Got Something----Sunshine GBS 152
n/aShine / That's Tough----Sunshine GBS 162
n/aShine (Extended Remix) / That's Tough----Sunshine 12 GBS (C) 163
n/aCome To Me (I Am Woman) / Slowly----Sunshine GBS 165

South African Albums
n/aSomething's Going On----Sunshine GBL (L) 516
n/aShine----Sunshine GBL (D) 524


South African Singles and Album
DateTitleHP (WK)TICatalogue
n/aNobody's Side / Embassy Lament----RCA PD 2299 (Chess 2)
02/85One Night In Bangkok / Merano01 (06)20RCA PD 2300 (Chess 1)
02/85One Night In Bangkok (Extended Version) / Merano01 (06)20RCA XPD 2300 (Chess 1)
02/85Chess04 (11)23RCA/Victor DLPL 619/620
05/85I Know Him So Well / Chess02 (01)21RCA PD 2340 (Chess 3)
n/aThe Arbiter / Merchandisers----RCA PD 2357 (Chess 4)
n/aThe Arbiter (Extended Version) / Merchandisers----RCA XPD 2357 (Chess 4)
n/aHeaven Help My Heart / Arguement----RCA PD 2404 (Chess 5)
n/aChess Pieces----ML 4831

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