Following are all the Abba, Agnetha Fältskog, Frida and related charts for Switzerland. The Swiss singles chart began in 1968 and the albums chart began in 1983 (so I am not sure where the information came from for the pre-1983 albums). Singles were Top 10 from 1968 to March 1976, Top 15 from April 1976, Top 30 from November 1983 and Top 40 from January 1992. From Die Schweizer Hitparade (c) Media Control. Head Over Heels and Under Attack positions were from the unofficial Top 25 competing charts, from Die Sonntags-BLICK-Hitparade, which merged into the other chart to become the official Top 30 in 1983. The Swiss charts are Top 75 nowadays. Thanks to Rob, Colin Hughes, Ján Havran, and Marc for all of this information, and go to Swiss Charts Online to search all the archives!

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the week the single first appeared in the chart.
Title: The title of the single. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if a number 1 hit, how many weeks spent in the top spot.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.
Catalogue: This is the local catalogue number assigned to the item in this territory.


Switzerland Singles
17/04/74Waterloo01 (09)19Polydor 2040 114
07/08/74Honey Honey0412Polydor 2040 120
02/05/75I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do01 (05)17Polydor 2001 579
15/08/75SOS0318Polydor 2001 585
19/12/75Mamma Mia01 (02)15Polydor 2001 613
19/03/76Fernando01 (11)22Polydor 2001 639
13/08/76Dancing Queen0317Polydor 2001 680
19/11/76Money, Money, Money0214Polydor 2001 696
26/02/77Knowing Me, Knowing You0317Polydor 2001 703
29/10/77The Name Of The Game0610Polydor 2001 742
11/02/78Take A Chance On Me0316Polydor 2001 758
03/06/78Eagle0711Polydor 2001 778
30/09/78Summer Night City0510Polydor 2001 810
04/02/79Chiquitita01 (02)15Polydor 2001 850
27/05/79Does Your Mother Know0610Polydor 2001 881
26/08/79Voulez-Vous0906Polydor 2001 889
04/11/79Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!01 (01)12Polydor 2001 919
23/12/79I Have A Dream01 (02)12Polydor 2001 931
03/08/80The Winner Takes It All0311Polydor 2001 981
23/11/80Super Trouper0312Polydor 2002 012
20/12/81One Of Us0307Polydor 2002 113
28/02/82Head Over Heels1804Polydor 2002 122
07/11/82The Day Before You Came0408Polydor 2002 187
29/12/82Under Attack1504Polydor 2002 204
11/10/92Dancing Queen0617Polydor 863573-2
17/08/08Mamma Mia6010Universal
12/09/21I Still Have Faith In You0602+Universal
12/09/21Don't Shut Me Down01 (01)02+Universal

Switzerland Albums
01/02/76The Best Of Abba0248Polydor 2459 301
15/09/76The Very Best Of - Abba's Greatest Hits0318Polydor 2612 032
15/11/76Arrival0246Polydor 2344 058
01/02/78Abba - The Album0136Polydor 2335 180
13/05/79Voulez-Vous0126Polydor 2344 136
11/11/79Greatest Hits Vol.20223Polydor 2344 145
16/11/80Super Trouper0126Polydor 2344 162
01/06/81A Wie Abba0308Polydor 2475 732
13/12/81The Visitors0117Polydor 2311 122
28/11/82Abba - The Singles0412Polydor 2612 040
06/11/83I Love Abba1403Polystar 815601-1
04/10/92Abba Gold01 (09)36Polydor 517007-2
06/06/93More Abba Gold1320Polydor 519353-2
10/01/99Love Stories4702Polydor 559221-2
25/04/99Abba Gold1954Polydor 517007-2
19/12/99The Complete Singles Collection0624Polydor 543231-2
25/11/01The Definitive Collection8504Universal 549974-2
20/04/03The Definitive Collection8602Universal 549974-2
19/10/03Abba Gold8807Polydor 517007-2
04/04/04The Definitive Collection3416Universal 549974-2
02/05/04The Abba Story1412Universal 986645-2
03/12/06Number Ones5306Universal
03/08/08Abba Gold11158Universal
24/08/08More Abba Gold5605Universal
09/11/08The Albums (Box Set)6805Universal
06/05/12The Visitors9301Universal
01/07/12Abba - The Essential Collection9401Universal
13/04/14Abba Gold0316+Universal
05/10/14Live At Wembley Arena1004Universal
14/11/21Voyage01 (03)09+Universal

Agnetha Fältskog:

Switzerland Singles
01/12/82Never Again----Polydor 2002 185
10/07/83The Heat Is On1501Polydor 813192-7
02/05/04If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind7501

Switzerland Albums
19/06/83Wrap Your Arms Around Me0907Polydor 813242-1
02/05/04My Colouring Book1706WEA


Switzerland Singles
12/09/82I Know There's Something Going On01 (02)09Polydor 2002 170
12/12/82To Turn The Stone1904Polydor 2002 189

Switzerland Albums
26/09/82Something's Going On0314Polydor 2311 176
07/10/84Shine2901Polydor 823580-1


Switzerland Singles and Album
06/01/85One Night In Bangkok01 (05)16RCA PB 68 240
20/01/85Chess0316RCA PD 70 500
17/03/85I Know Him So Well0709RCA PB 68 257


Switzerland Singles and Albums
30/01/76Movie StarHarpo01 (05)15
02/08/81Abba MedleyStars on 4501 (01)09
05/07/92Abba Esque (EP)Erasure0327Mute INT 826730
07/11/99Mamma MiaA*Teens0915Stockholm 563857-2
05/12/99The ABBA GenerationA*Teens1228Stockholm 547666-2
30/01/00I Have A DreamWestlife1815
06/02/00Super TrouperA*Teens1808Stockholm 561294-2
15/04/00Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!A*Teens5107Stockholm 561420-2
20/07/08Mamma Mia!Movie Soundtrack01 (03)47Universal

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