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Following are all the Abba, Agnetha Fältskog, Frida and related charts for the United States of America. They are courtesy of Billboard Magazine.

The now defunct Cash Box Charts, Record World Charts and Variety Charts are also included on these pages. Cash Box are based solely on sales (unlike Billboard, which uses both sales and airplay). Record World's last issue was 10 April 1982. The Visitors single position in Record World is 132 and is from the final issue. Variety ceased at the end of 1981. Entry dates and weeks in on the combined Cash Box/Record World lists are taken from Cash Box, except Ring Ring and On And On And On.

Special thanks to Bob Kashefski for tons of additional research and information. Thanks also to Stephen Flanagan, Jeffrey de Hart, Colin Hughes (some Cash Box charts), Chris Kimberley (some Bubbling Under), and John Boylan (Eagle single).

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single or album first appeared in the chart. Where it did not chart (Playboy singles) it is release month.
Title: The title of the single or album. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, the second title is the B-side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if a number one, how many weeks spent at the top spot.
CB(1): Cash Box highest position in the charts, for the combined Cash Box / Record World list.
RW(1): Record World highest position in the charts, for the combined Cash Box / Record World list.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts. On the combined Cash Box and Record World list, the weeks on charts are from Cash Box.
Catalogue: The catalogue number assigned to a particular item by the record company. This is different in each country.


Billboard Singles (Hot 100 / Bubbling Under)
09/72People Need Love / Merry-Go-Round (Bjorn and Benny with Svenkska Flicka)----Playboy 50014
03/73Another Town, Another Train / I Am Just A Girl (Bjorn and Benny with Anna and Frieda)----Playboy 50018
05/73Rock 'N Roll Band / Another Town, Another Train (Bjorn and Benny with Anna and Frieda)----Playboy 50025
01/06/1974Waterloo0617Atlantic 3035
14/09/1974Honey, Honey2710Atlantic 3209
n/aRing Ring----Atlantic 3240
08/09/1975SOS1517Atlantic 3265
14/02/1976I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do1515Atlantic 3310
22/05/1976Mamma Mia3209Atlantic 3315
04/09/1976Fernando1316Atlantic 3346
11/12/1976Dancing Queen01 (01)22Atlantic 3372
14/05/1977Knowing Me, Knowing You1415Atlantic 3387
22/10/1977Money, Money, Money5607Atlantic 3434
24/12/1977The Name Of The Game1216Atlantic 3449
22/04/1978Take A Chance On Me0318Atlantic 3457
n/aEagle (Released & Withdrawn)----Atlantic 3469
19/05/1979Does Your Mother Know1914Atlantic 3574
01/09/1979Voulez-Vous8003Atlantic 3609
22/09/1979Angeleyes6405Atlantic 3609
10/11/1979Chiquitita2912Atlantic 3629
n/aGimme! Gimme! Gimme!----Atlantic 3652
22/11/1980The Winner Takes It All0826Atlantic 3776
04/04/1981Super Trouper4511Atlantic 3806
27/06/1981On And On And On9006Atlantic 3826
09/01/1982When All Is Said And Done2714Atlantic 3889
17/04/1982The Visitors6308Atlantic 4031
n/aThe Day Before You Came----Atlantic 7-89948
12/02/1983One Of Us10704Atlantic 7-89881

Cash Box & Record World Singles
04/11/1972People Need Love11411705Playboy 50014(A)
25/05/1974Waterloo100914Atlantic 3035
14/09/1974Honey, Honey375109Atlantic 3209
25/01/1975Ring Ring--11204Atlantic 3240
16/08/1975SOS121018Atlantic 3265
21/02/1976I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do192116Atlantic 3310
29/05/1976Mamma Mia363915Atlantic 3315
28/08/1976Fernando101419Atlantic 3346
11/12/1976Dancing Queen01 (01)01 (01)24Atlantic 3372
14/05/1977Knowing Me, Knowing You111517Atlantic 3387
15/10/1977Money, Money, Money635408Atlantic 3434
24/12/1977The Name Of The Game162418Atlantic 3449
22/04/1978Take A Chance On Me050919Atlantic 3457
19/05/1979Does Your Mother Know161715Atlantic 3574
01/09/1979Voulez-Vous857702Atlantic 3609
15/09/1979Angeleyes767706Atlantic 3609
10/11/1979Chiquitita364714Atlantic 3629
22/11/1980The Winner Takes It All111525Atlantic 3776
04/04/1981Super Trouper646808Atlantic 3806
13/06/1981On And On And On--12508Atlantic 3826
16/01/1982When All Is Said And Done313111Atlantic 3889
08/05/1982The Visitors81132*04Atlantic 4031

Billboard Singles (Adult Contemporary)
28/09/1974Honey, Honey2707Atlantic 3209
01/11/1975SOS1908Atlantic 3265
14/02/1976I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do0813Atlantic 3310
05/06/1976Mamma Mia1210Atlantic 3315
04/09/1976Fernando01 (02)20Atlantic 3346
11/12/1976Dancing Queen0618Atlantic 3372
14/05/1977Knowing Me, Knowing You0716Atlantic 3387
29/10/1977Money, Money, Money3805Atlantic 3434
07/01/1978The Name Of The Game0916Atlantic 3449
29/04/1978Take A Chance On Me0916Atlantic 3457
30/06/1979Does Your Mother Know4107Atlantic 3574
18/08/1979Voulez-Vous4005Atlantic 3609
29/09/1979Angeleyes3706Atlantic 3609
17/11/1979Chiquitita1511Atlantic 3629
29/11/1980The Winner Takes It All01 (02)19Atlantic 3776
28/03/1981Super Trouper1411Atlantic 3806
16/01/1982When All Is Said And Done1015Atlantic 3889
12/03/1983One Of Us3307Atlantic 89881

Billboard Singles (Disco/Dance Chart)
1979Voulez-Vous (6.05 Extended Mix)----Atlantic DSKO 202
24/01/1981Lay All Your Love On Me/Super Trouper/On And On And On01 (01)28Atlantic DMD 259
23/01/1982The Vistors/When All Is Said And Done0821Atlantic DMD 308

Billboard Singles (Holiday / Seasonal Digital Songs)
??/??/2011Happy New Year4701

Billboard Albums (Top 200 / Bubbling Under)
03/08/1974Waterloo2012Atlantic 18101
17/08/1974Waterloo14508Atlantic 18101
15/11/1975Abba17403Atlantic 18146
26/06/1976Abba20212Atlantic 18146
18/09/1976Greatest Hits4861Atlantic 18189
22/01/1977Arrival2050Atlantic 18207
18/02/1978Abba - The Album1441Atlantic 19164
07/07/1979Voulez-Vous1927Atlantic 16000
22/12/1979Greatest Hits Vol.24614Atlantic 16009
24/05/1980Greatest Hits Vol.2 (Bubbling Under)20104Atlantic 16009
13/12/1980Super Trouper1738Atlantic 16023
09/01/1982The Visitors2917Atlantic 19332
18/12/1982Abba - The Singles: The First Ten Years6218Atlantic 80036
28/04/1984I Love Abba20802Atlantic 80142
09/10/1993Abba Gold25305+Polygram 517007-2
24/11/2001The Definitive Collection18601Universal

Billboard Vinyl Albums
20/11/2021Voyage01 (01)03+Capitol

Billboard Top Album Sales
20/11/2021Voyage01 (01)03+Capitol

Billboard Top Current Album Sales
20/11/2021Voyage01 (01)03+Capitol

Cash Box & Record World & Variety Albums
24/08/1974Waterloo156153--06Atlantic 18101
04/10/1975Abba165----11Atlantic 18146
25/09/1976Greatest Hits5956--39Atlantic 18189
22/01/1977Arrival4339--36Atlantic 18207
11/02/1978Abba - The Album22332440Atlantic 19164
30/06/1979Voulez-Vous26183628Atlantic 16000
15/12/1979Greatest Hits Vol.244394727Atlantic 16009
The Magic of Abba----41K-Tel NU9510
13/12/1980Super Trouper19262339Atlantic 16023
16/01/1982The Visitors3437--20Atlantic 19332
11/12/1982Abba - The Singles: The First Ten Years47----21Atlantic 80036
16/10/1993Abba Gold56----14Polygram 517007-2

Billboard Albums (Top Pop Catalog Chart)
07/12/1996Abba Gold07339PolyGram 517007-2
14/12/200220th Century Masters4902PolyGram 543948-2
19/07/2008Abba Gold01 (12)122PolyGram 517007-2
02/08/200820th Century Masters - The Best of Abba911PolyGram 543948-2
02/08/2008Number Ones119Universal
16/08/2008The Definitive Collection432PolyGram 517007-2
17/01/200920th Century Masters - The Best of Abba115PolyGram 543948-2
17/01/2009Number Ones431Universal
21/07/2018Abba Gold01 (01)11Universal

Billboard Albums (Comprehensive Albums)
19/07/2008Abba Gold1173PolyGram 517007-2
19/07/200820th Century Masters - The Best of Abba1148PolyGram 543948-2
02/08/2008Number Ones1387Universal
24/01/200920th Century Masters - The Best of Abba1142PolyGram 543948-2

Billboard Albums (Top Latin Albums Chart)
11/12/1993Abba Oro3808PolyGram 519955-2

Billboard Albums (Latin Pop Chart)
25/12/1993Abba Oro1501PolyGram ?

Billboard Top Music Video Chart
10/07/1993Abba Gold0457PolyGram
06/05/1995Thank You Abba0819PolyGram
04/05/1996More Abba Gold2303PolyGram
17/08/2002The Definitive Collection0231Universal

Billboard DVD Chart
27/09/2003Abba Gold2105Universal
26/06/2004In Concert37?02Universal

Agnetha Fältskog:

United States Singles (Hot 100)
27/08/1983Can't Shake Loose (US Remix)2915Polydor 815230
23/04/1988I Wasn't The One9303WEA 89145

Cash Box Singles (Top 100)
27/08/1983Can't Shake Loose (US Remix)3215Polydor 815230

United States Single (Adult Contemporary)
26/03/1988I Wasn't The One1912WEA 89145

United States Album
17/09/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me10211Polydor 813242

Cash Box Album
01/10/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me12511Polydor 813242

Billboard Top (Rock) Albums
08/10/1983Wrap Your Arms Around Me4404Polydor 813242


United States Singles (Hot 100 / Bubbling Under)
23/10/1982I Know There's Something Going On10902Atlantic 89984
06/11/1982I Know There's Something Going On1329Atlantic 89984
07/05/1983Here We'll Stay10202Atlantic 89834

Cash Box Singles
06/11/1982I Know There's Something Going On1428Atlantic 89984

Billboard Top (Rock) Tracks / Top (Rock) Albums
16/10/1982I Know There's Something Going On3902Atlantic 89884
06/11/1982Something's Going On1823Atlantic 80018
05/02/1983I Know There's Something Going On1715Atlantic 89884

United States Album
13/11/1982Something's Going On4128Atlantic 80018

Cash Box Album
13/11/1982Something's Going On4032Atlantic 80018

Benny Andersson:

United States Classical Albums
21/10/2017Piano0203Deutsche Grammophon


United States Singles and Album
05/01/1985One Night In Bangkok (Disco / Dance Chart)0513RCA 13959
16/02/1985Chess20104RCA 5340
23/02/1985One Night In Bangkok0320RCA 13988
23/02/1985One Night In Bangkok (Cashbox Singles)0422RCA 13988
16/03/1985Chess4721RCA 5340
16/03/1985Chess (Cash Box Albums)6725RCA 5340
04/05/1985One Night In Bangkok (Adult Contemporary)3506RCA 13988
18/05/1985One Night In Bangkok (Black Singles / Soul Chart)8903RCA 13988


United States Singles and Albums (All Hot 100 singles unless otherwise specified)
31/08/1974Honey HoneySweet Dreams6807
19/02/1977Dancing Queen (Bubbling Under)Carol Douglas11001
12/03/1977Dancing Queen (Dance Chart)Carol Douglas3501
14/05/1977Hasta Manana (Adult Contemporary)The Boones3209
17/01/1981I Have A Dream (Country Chart)Cristy Lane1714
24/01/1981SOSJohnny Carver (Country Chart)7305
22/12/1984One Night In Bangkok (Dance Chart)Robey0914
02/03/1985One Night In BangkokRobey7703
06/05/1989Bring Me Edelweiss (Dance Chart)Edelweiss0709
29/07/1989Lay All Your Love On Me (Dance Chart)Information Society2307
12/08/1989Lay All Your Love On MeInformation Society8308
18/07/1992Abba-Esque (EP) (Top 200 Albums)Erasure8522
19/09/1992Take A Chance On Me (Dance Chart)Erasure1010
19/09/1992Take A Chance On Me (Airplay Chart)Erasure5111
01/01/2000Mamma Mia (Top Pop Singles)A*Teens6304
03/06/2000The Abba Generation (Top 200 Albums)A*Teens7141
08/07/2000Dancing QueenA*Teens9505
10/11/2001Mamma Mia!Cast Recording16920
02/11/2002Mamma Mia! (Top Pop Catalog Albums)Cast Recording1255
14/01/2006Mamma Mia! (Top Cast Albums)Cast Recording0220?
26/07/2008Mamma Mia! (Top Pop Catalog Albums)Cast Recording0415
26/07/2008Mamma Mia! (Soundtrack Chart)Movie Soundtrack01 (01)04+
26/07/2008Mamma Mia! (Comprehensive Chart)Movie Soundtrack0304+
02/08/2008Mamma Mia! (Comprehensive Chart)Cast Recording5611
09/08/2008Mamma Mia (Hot 100)Meryl Streep9901
07/07/2018Fernando (Adult Contemporary)Cher2203
25/07/2018Mamma Mia! (Top 200 Albums)Movie Soundtrack2107
25/07/2018Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Top 200 Albums)Movie Soundtrack0320
08/09/2018Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Dance Chart)Cher0415
05/10/2018Dancing Queen (Top 200 Albums)Cher0308

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