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This page contains the sales figures for the ABBA albums in Finland, originally sent to me by Ian Price via Colin Hughes. The update was via John Boylan. These are from the ÄKT ry (The Finnish National Group of IFPI) website.

At the bottom of the page are the ABBA singles and albums charts from the "Suosikki" magazines from 1974-1998. This information was sent to me in 1998 by Jarkko Hjelt and I've been debating whether to add it or not for the past 6 years as it's vastly different to the main chart information. I have no idea how it was compiled, or how authentic the information is.

Sales Figures

Total sales for the ABBA albums in Finland, with their position in the all time sales lists.

Gold was 30,000 copies and Platinum was 60,000 copies until December 1974.
Gold was 25,000 copies and Platinum was 50,000 copies until December 1993. Gold was 20,000 copies and Platinum was 40,000 copies until December 2000.
Gold is now 15,000 copies and Platinum is 30,000 copies.

No. 24 - 145,962 copies - ABBA Gold - Platinum x 2
No. ?? - 86,420 copies - Arrival - Platinum
No. ?? - 82,340 copies - Voulez-Vous - Platinum
No. ?? - 66,439 copies - The Visitors - Platinum
No. ?? - 64,875 copies - Greatest Hits - Platinum
No. ?? - 57,618 copies - ABBA - The Album - Platinum
No. ?? - 50,552 copies - Super Trouper - Platinum
No. ?? - 25,358 copies - ABBA - Gold
No. ?? - 25,035 copies - Waterloo - Gold
No. ?? - 25,000 copies - Greatest Hits Vol.2 - Gold
No. ?? - 20,000 copies - Something's Going On - Gold
No. ?? - 15,899 copies - My Colouring Book - Gold

Key to Abbreviations:

Title: The title of the single or album.
HP: The highest position the item reached.


Finland Singles
Ring Ring03
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do06
Dancing Queen01
Knowing Me, Knowing You02
Money Money Money02
The Name of the Game01
Take A Chance On Me01
Summer Night City01
Does Your Mother Know02
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!03
The Winner Takes It All01
Super Trouper04
One Of Us04
Head Over Heels05
The Day Before You Came03

Finland Albums
Greatest Hits01
ABBA - The Album01
Greatest Hits Vol.204
Super Trouper01
The Visitors03
ABBA - The Singles06
ABBA Gold01
More ABBA Gold12
Love Stories23

Finland Chart Runs


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