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On this page are the the weekly chart positions for Abba in Japan. These were sent to me by Ján Havran and Colin Hughes. It also contains the end of year positions from the Oricon national charts, for albums. Thanks to Michael Hartmann for Super Trouper accreditation and Ján Havran for additional end of year charts. The year end charts are available on the Japanese language page - Private Life with the annual best selling singles by year in the top box, and the albums in the next box. It's quite easy to find the Abba items as Abba is written in English in the artist field.

Week to Week Charts

Japanese Albums (LP)
Greatest Hits07/11/197766,52,53,51,59,66,71,86,94,76,92,89,69,73,38,31,26,14,14,
Abba - The Album06/03/197828,9,9,11,14,13,21,17,18,21,27,25,29,36,41,45,45,65,37,
All About Abba12/11/197870,88,78,81,69,69,76,68,89,88,83,97,93
Greatest Hits Vol.212/11/197919,2,2,5,5,5,4,4,4,3,3,3,3,3,2,2,3,6,3,2,3,3,4,5,9,
Gracias Por La Musica04/08/198031,34,26,26,49,47,58,74,78,78,92,96,99
Super Trouper15/12/198012,8,9,8,8,12,11,10,13,13,13,15,27,32,32,41,42,47,58,79,96,100
Very Best of Abba13/07/198156,53,44,74,65,75,71,87,91,94,97,91
The Visitors28/12/198140,13,12,12,12,16,18,21,19,33,36,40,64,66,79,66,82
Voyage (packaged with ABBA Gold)15/11/202116,30,??,??,??,??,??,??

Japanese Albums (Cassette)
Greatest Hits Vol.224/03/19802,1,2,2,1,2,1,3,2,6,5,5,5,8,10,8,10,13,12,18,16,18,3,14,18
Super Trouper12/01/198114,20,21,20,21,24,17,22
Very Best of Abba27/07/198146,96
The Visitors11/01/198245,37,25,31,31,39,40,46,52,72,68,77,90,96,100

Year End Charts

At the end of each year, the Top 100 singles and albums for the year were compiled based upon chart performance.

1977 singles: Dancing Queen was number 71 in the year.

1979 singles: Summer Night City was number 85 in the year.
1979 singles: Chiquitita was number 86 in the year.
1979 singles: Dancing Queen was number 96 in the year.
1979 singles: Voulez-Vous was number 97 in the year.

1980 singles: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! was number 66 in the year.

2001 singles: SOS / Chiquitita was number 150 in the year.

1977 albums: Arrival was number 37 in the year.

1978 albums: Arrival was number 28 in the year.
1978 albums: Abba - The Album was number 30 in the year.
1978 albums: Greatest Hits 24 was number 49 in the year.

1979 albums: Voulez-Vous was number 5 in the year.
1979 albums: Arrival was number 9 in the year.
1979 albums: Greatest Hits 24 was number 20 in the year.

1980 albums: Greatest Hits Vol.2 was number 3 in the year.

1981 albums: Super Trouper was number 41 in the year.

2001 albums: ABBA Gold was number 150 in the year.
2001 albums: SOS - The Best of ABBA was number 36 in the year.

In the top selling albums for the decade in Japan, ABBA placed as follows -

In the 1970s, Arrival was number 14 and Voulez-Vous was number 17.
In the 1980s, Greatest Hits Vol. 2 was number 15.


In Japan, Gold is 100,000 copies shipped.

Dancing Queen - Gold via 100,000 downloads.

Super Trouper - Gold
Abba Gold - Gold
SOS - The Best of Abba - Platinum

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