Mexico - Additional Information

This page contains the sales figures for selected Abba items in Mexico. The first two are singles, the rest are albums.

These are courtesy of Universal Music via Michael Hartmann.

I would advise using these figures with caution as there are no sources cited.

Items with bold titles were provided by John Boylan and come from here.

Sales Figures

Mexico - Sales Figures
Chiquitita (Spanish Version)1,600,000
Gracias Por La Musica370,000
Super Trouper880,000
Abba Gold250,000
Abba Oro350,000
The Definitive Collection (DVD)50,000


In Mexico, Gold was 100,000, Platinum was 250,000 and Diamond was 1,000,000 up until December 2000. From then until August 2003, it was 75,000 for Gold, 150,000 for Platinum and 1,000,000 for Diamond. Since then, it's been 50,000 for Gold, 100,000 for Platinum and 500,000 for Diamond.

Abba Gold - Platinum

The Definitive Collection (DVD) - Gold

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