Following are all the Abba charts for Zimbabwe from the International Abba Magazine, No.12, November 1982. The correct albums information was supplied to me at the close of 1999 by Chris Kimberley, as well as the addition of the single, "The Day Before You Came". The proper singles chart entry dates and slight corrections to the weeks in and formats of the singles were supplied in early 2000 by Chris as well. Thank you very much again Chris! Super Trouper's catalogue is GBS 011 as the company also did South Africa as well and that was taken by their release of Andante Andante instead.

Key to Abbreviations:

Date: This is the date the single or album first appeared in the chart.
Title: The title of the single or album. With singles, if there are two titles listed on one line, that single was considered a double A side.
HP(1): The highest position the item reached in the charts, and if it was a number 1, how many weeks spent at the top spot.
TI: This stands for "Times In" which is basically how many weeks the item spent on the charts.


Zimbabwe Singles
30/03/74Ring Ring1211Sun 3
08/06/74Waterloo0221Sun 6
26/10/74Another Town, Another Train1802Sun 4
28/06/75I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do0518GBS 105
15/11/75SOS0215GBS 106
17/04/76Mamma Mia2002GBS 112
12/06/76Fernando0223GBS 114
27/11/76Dancing Queen01 (04)16GBS 117
14/05/77Money, Money, Money1604GBS 119
09/07/77Knowing Me, Knowing You1109GBS 121
24/12/77The Name Of The Game0417GBS 125
03/06/78Take A Chance On Me0219GBS 128
26/08/78Thank You For The Music/Eagle0514GBS 130
16/12/78Summer Night City0413GBS 131
21/04/79Chiquitita01 (04)21GBS 133
16/08/79Does Your Mother Know0910GBS 134
22/12/79I Have A Dream/Angeleyes0712GBS 137
25/10/80The Winner Takes It All0417GBS 141
16/05/81Super Trouper1805GBS 011
21/01/83The Day Before You Came1405GBS 150

Zimbabwe Albums
08/03/75Waterloo0612GBL 501
06/09/75I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do01 (17)35GBL 503
03/07/76Greatest Hits01 (10)30GBL 505
11/12/76Arrival01 (13)25GBL 506
11/02/78Abba - The Album0257GBL 509
30/06/79Voulez-Vous01 (05)29GBL 510
16/02/80Greatest Hits Vol.20218GBL 512
30/01/81Super Trouper01 (06)10GBL 513
23/01/82The Visitors01 (01)22GBL 515
05/04/93ABBA Gold0313517007-2
01/11/93More ABBA Gold02??519353-2

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